A permaculture garden is all about sustainability and balance. It’s a garden which has been designed to create a healthy natural ecosystem. Permaculture gardens, when designed correctly, thrives and produces with minimum input and waste.

Anyone can have a permaculture garden.  You can create and build a permaculture garden whether you have a small backyard or courtyard, or if you have access to large acreage. It’s all about making a difference for a healthier environment.

Permaculture Garden Design

Any sized area can be developed into a permaculture garden. Permaculture garden design is based on combining the best of the natural landscape with cohabitating plants and animals. To develop a healthy permaculture garden, the selection of plants that you like must also serve a purpose and benefit the landscape in some way. For example fruit trees can provide fresh fruit while also providing shade. Also companion planting works well with kitchen gardens to ensure pests are minimised and fresh garden produce is available throughout the year. Getting the most out of your space will ensure your permaculture garden flourish.

Getting started can be a little daunting, so some expert advice and direction can provide the confidence you need to create your own permaculture garden. Dave Key is available to assess your area and help you create a garden that will grow and produce.

Permaculture Garden Construction

When designing a permaculture garden, there may be some construction required. Fruit tree netting, retaining walls, pathways and even chicken coops can all be used to compliment permaculture gardens. Have you considered animals in your permaculture garden design?

Chickens: chickens are a wonderful addition to any garden. Composted chicken manure is high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous making it one of the best manure composts to use on a garden. Chickens are also great for preparing vegetable beds prior to planting. Their natural instinct to scratch and dig will loosen and break up the soil while plucking out any weeds. And of course, chickens are a great at disposing of any vegetable, fruit or protein source. Feeding your chickens food scraps and unwanted leftovers plays an important part of the sustainable gardening cycle.

With all these great benefits of incorporating chickens into your permaculture garden, you can forget the great eggs and meat they can also provide.

Ducks: ducks are wonderful for a garden as they can help reduce the population of garden pests such as slugs, grasshoppers and snails. Garden raised ducks also provide nutritious eggs and meat. Incorporating animals into your garden will require some clever construction to ensure they compliment your design. Have a chat with Dave Key to design and construct the ideal companion animal enclosure.