There’s nothing better than eating fresh fruit from your very own fruit trees. However, how do you prevent birds and other animals from also devouring the fruits of your labour? The solution is fruit tree netting. Fruit tree netting, also sometimes known as orchard netting, can prevent the loss of your fruit and damage to your precious fruit trees.

Netting Your Fruit Trees

Garden netting, when constructed correctly, can allow fruit to develop while protecting it from birds, possums and even flying foxes. Using the right type of netting, and constructing the correct orchard netting, will not only protect your fruit but will also create an ideal micro climate for your fruit trees. Well-constructed fruit tree netting will allow pollinating insects to reach your fruit tree flowers for fertilisation and be designed to allow the fruit tree to grow and the fruit to develop. Fruit tree netting can also protect trees and fruit from hail damage.

Wildlife Friendly Fruit Tree Netting

Enjoying the fresh fruit from your fruit trees does not need to be at the expense of our wildlife. Garden netting that is constructed correctly can minimise any danger to backyard creatures. Wildlife such as birds, flying foxes or possums can becoming entangled in badly designed and inappropriate garden netting causing injury or death.

The Right Fruit Tree Netting

Whether you have one fruit tree or a hundred fruit trees, the correct construction and style of your fruit tree netting will ensure its durable and more importantly, suits your environment. To discuss your fruit tree netting options we invite you to contact our experienced and highly respected permaculture expert, Dave Key.